Electronic Commerce and third-party logistics are emerging logistics areas, which have developed rapidly and have become the focus of the company's future development.

E-commerce is an emerging industry that has developed in recent years, and its business volume has exploded. It is characterized by a particularly large number of SKUs and a large order volume, but the number of orders is particularly small and the timeliness requirements are particularly high.

As the first professional logistics system integrator to enter the e-commerce field, VSTRONG Technology has successively undertaken the logistics centers of many large-scale Electronic Commerce companies such as COFCO womai Net, Jingdong Mall and Mecox Lane. Among them, Jingdong Mall “Asia No. 1'' Guangzhou Logistics Center has a construction area of about 60,000 square meters and a daily processing order capacity of more than 600,000 companies. It is the most representational B2C e-commerce distribution center.