Xiaoguancha: fully integrate logistics and production

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1 project introduction

        The total investment of Xiaoguancha Huangshan super factory is 1.5 billion yuan, covering a total area of 321 Mu and a main construction area of nearly 30000 square meters; It is mainly composed of automatic production workshop and intelligent storage and logistics center to realize the full automation of production, storage and distribution. It mainly meets the distribution of Xiaoguancha in two business forms: B2B and B2C. It is a world-class tea production and distribution demonstration factory with a design inventory of more than 500000 pieces (boxes), an average daily distribution of more than 8000 pieces and a daily distribution of more than 30000 pieces during peak periods.

2 general layout

        The intelligent chemical plant is composed of four main buildings, including production workshop, intelligent warehouse, office building and staff dormitory. The production workshop and intelligent warehouse are connected through corridor. The intelligent warehouse is divided into two three-dimensional reservoir areas (one of which is implemented in phase II) and one flat reservoir area. Each three-dimensional reservoir area has a building height of 23.7 meters and a building area of about 2000 square meters. It is divided into normal temperature warehouse and low temperature warehouse. A total of 5 lanes of AS / RS three-dimensional warehouse and 14000 pallet storage spaces are designed; The flat reservoir area covers an area of 6700 square meters and has a building height of 23 meters. It is divided into two floors. The first floor is mainly the delivery area and cold storage, and the second floor is the pick-up area, production distribution area and e-commerce distribution area. A four-direction shuttle "goods to people" picking system is designed, which is divided into two areas of normal temperature and low temperature, with a total of 34500 box storage spaces, 5 goods to people picking stations, 3 box changing workstations and 21 review and packaging platforms. In addition, The production workshop is equipped with a buffer area stored by four-direction shuttle, and a buffer area of 529 box units is designed.