Best Inman Logistics Center

        The Best Inman Project is customized by Best Logistics Technology (China) Co., Ltd. for the famous Chinese clothing brand Inman. The goods-to-person system in this project is implemented by Vstrong Technology as a whole. The area for the goods-to-person picking area is about 4,500 square meters. With a clear height of 4.5 meters, it adopts an advanced four-way shuttle system to realize the automatic loading and unloading of goods and cooperates with the pick-to-person picking workstation to achieve fast picking operations. In a limited space area, high-density storage is achieved while also achieving efficient Out of the warehouse and picking operations. The overall operation efficiency in the warehouse has been greatly improved, and personnel costs and error rates have been reduced.

        The composition of this logistics system mainly includes:

        1)One set of pick-to-person picking system: 12 shuttle carts, 4 sets of pick-to-person picking stations, 1 set of storage system in front of the warehouse, 37000 cargo racks (turnover boxes) of the shuttle racking system.

        2) 1 set of WCS system

        3) 1 set of shuttle dispatching system