Zhejiang Huadong Pharmaceutical Logistics Distribution Center Project

         The Zhejiang Huadong Pharmaceutical Logistics Distribution Center project is divided into one or two phases, of which the first phase of the project has been officially launched; The second phase of the project can meet the logistics distribution center of Huadong Pharmaceutical with an annual sales of 6 billion yuan. The distribution center has a construction area of approximately 36,400 square meters.

         In this project, our company mainly undertakes the project design, general contracting (Phase I), and system integration (Phase II). The project has been officially opened.

        The equipment and system of the center are as follows:

        1) Two sets of high forklift truck shelves;

        2) Three sets of shelf racking systems;

        3) Tray flat area;

        4) Two sets of box picking and conveying systems;

        5) Special storage areas such as Chinese medicine decoction pieces, freezing, and refrigeration;

        6) A set of integrated logistics management software AutoWMSV1.0.