Xuzhou Pharmaceutical Logistics Center Project


        The project is a large-scale logistics distribution center for Xuzhou Medicine to meet the five-year sales of 6.5 billion yuan, covering an area of 108 acres. The center's business included fast-distribution, traditional wholesale, pharmacy services and tripartite logistics. The logistics center radiates the medical logistics distribution center of the Huaihai Economic Zone and the Northern Jiangsu Region. In this project, our company is the total system integrator.

        The equipment and system of the center are as follows:

        1) A set of pallet racking system;

        2) A set of dismantle goods shelf system;

        3) A set of picking conveyor systems;

        4) Special storage areas such as freezing, cold storage, and poisonous products;

        5) One set of integrated logistics management system (AutoWMS V1.0).